Sunday Supplement

For a few years now we have held an informal Sunday morning practice, sometimes referred to as the Sunday Supplement. It’s just an open training session for members of both the medieval and 19th Century sides of Lonin. The curriculum … Continued

Demo at Sherlock Seattle

Posting out of chronological order (we’re all about anachronisms) here are some photos from BWAHAHAHA’s demo at the Sherlock Seattle convention.

Field Trip to Port Townsend

Training weekend with Embassy Arms Several BWAHAHAHA members traveled to Port Townsend to train with our brothers and sisters from the Embassy Arms Fencing Club.

Dialing it down in the heat

Our space in SANCA has many strong points but dealing gracefully with hot summer weather isn’t one of them. While our Fiore siblings are meeting outdoors, we met in the usual space and just dialed back the intensity level of … Continued

19th Century miscellany

Pugilism: the shovel hook During our 27 June 2013 pugilism practice we took a bit of time to “drill down” on the shovel hook. All of pugilism’s basic punches are complicated in their own way, the shovel hook more so … Continued

Pugilism Progress

Mr. Ruzicki has now been running the Thursday evening pugilism practices for about three months, long enough to build up a strong core group of about half a dozen frequent attendees as well as a cloud of several more occasional … Continued

BWAHAHAHA, 27 Mar. and 3 Apr. 2012

Four in attendance. The second consecutive week of basic pugilism training, courtesy of Mr. R. The focus, naturally enough, was on footwork and posture. It is a remarkable thing about WMA that all of the ones we practice at Lonin … Continued

BWAHAHAHA, 13 March 2012

Attendance: 5. The new mailing list was inaugurated for Victorian-specific discussion that might not be of interest to the general Lonin population. We hope that this will also enable us to attract some new participants. The physical culture routine continues … Continued

BWAHAHAHA early March 2012

As a followup to the previous post, we have been developing a new partner drill in which the feeder is holding a target, such as a stick with a padded section on the end, and the worker is attempting to … Continued