Barton-Wright: Mr. E.W. Barton-Wright, apostle of jiujitsu in Victorian England, founder of the Bartitsu Club, etc., etc.


Hutton: Captain Alfred Hutton, foremost swordsman of late Victorian England, co-founder of the Kernoozers’ Club, revivalist of ancient swordplay.

Alliance: the group brings together several martial traditions that are freestanding arts in their own right, and so is best understood as a cross-training methodology rather than a martial art per se. The term “Alliance” best reflects this.



Accurate: the group strives to pay respect to its forebears by basing its practices upon documented historical sources.

Hoplology: the science and study of weapons and armor. Some of the arts studied by the group involve the use of weapons such as swords, sticks, etc.


Antagonistics: a traditional term for martial arts, referring in this case specifically to the unarmed parts of the group’s curriculum.