Loft Expansion Day 3

In a long, exhausting, but productive day of hard work, we put in place the massive structural elements that will support the loft expansion.

Loft Expansion, Day 2

The exciting Day 1 feeling of owning a large pile of lumber gave way to grinding tedium on Day 2 as a solitary man drilled three holes in four hours. But they are very important holes in a very hard … Continued

Loft expansion, Day 1

  The loft expansion started, not with a bang, but with a massive thud as the tilt-bed lumber truck deposited its load in a vacant parking space in front of the building’s roll-up door. With the assistance of the truck … Continued

Loft fundraiser completed: resounding success!

Thanks to everyone who helped us accomplish our goal of raising $3,500 to help fund the expansion of our workout space at SANCA. We raised a total of $4,540! With these funds, we will be able to purchase the materials … Continued

Nails and other fasteners

Here is a compelling document for you all to read: it explains how to nail a joist hanger onto a beam. We will be installing a total of 36 joists, type LP1 36 in the 11 7/8″ size. This means … Continued

Lonin’s Lofty Ambitions 2014

$4540 $3500 Dear Gentlemen and Ladies: Lonin League, the Historical European Martial Arts Club, is excited to announce that we’re expanding—or we hope to be expanding—our space, and so we’re announcing a small but vital capital campaign. After three years … Continued

Fiore practice – week of 2-Feb 2014

We worked this week on the stretto play where the inside line is open. We got there by having one guy attack and then having the defender pass forward behind a mezzano.  We prepared for this by working first master … Continued

Fiore practice – 8 Jan

We headed back into the dangerous but satisfying realm of stretto last evening. The technical basics are covered in the three center crossings of Guy’s seven crossings drill. These three crossings have the following aspects in common: Point is in … Continued

Sunday Supplement

For a few years now we have held an informal Sunday morning practice, sometimes referred to as the Sunday Supplement. It’s just an open training session for members of both the medieval and 19th Century sides of Lonin. The curriculum … Continued

Demo at Sherlock Seattle

Posting out of chronological order (we’re all about anachronisms) here are some photos from BWAHAHAHA’s demo at the Sherlock Seattle convention.