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Our annual event featuring tournaments, freeplay, and workshops taught by experts from around the Pacific Northwest and the world!

HEMA Clubs

To avoid showing preference to anyone, these are listed in alphabetical order.

Study resources

Equipment Suppliers

  • Arms and Armor
    Minneapolis-based sword making company that makes great training swords. Check out their fechterspiel, an ideal training weapon for longsword students.
  • Tinkerswords
    Tinker Pearce is a member of our group and is a master sword and knife maker.
  • Purpleheart Armoury
    Excellent supplier of all kinds of HEMA gear including synthetic sparring swords. Great customer service.
  • Terry Tindall
    Terry supplies much of the European martial arts community with his high quality helmets and gorgets. His waiting list for complete helmets is extremely long – many months – but if you are willing to do some leatherwork, you can purchase a starter mask with much less wait time.
  • Zen Warrior Armory
    Fencing supply company serving the SCA and European martial arts community with high quality fencing equipment.