Mishaël Abia Lopes Cardozo – June 20-21

June 20 – 2-5pm at Lonin
June 21 – 9-11am at Lonin

$50 – pay by clicking the button

Mishaël Lopes Cardozo is founder and president of the AMEK (Academie voor Middeleeuwse Europese Krijgskunsten). The academy was officially founded in 2002 and has currently six locations scattered throughout the Netherlands with approximately 175 students.

Mishaël (alias ‘Lopes’) is by origin an expert in various eastern martial arts. Since 1992 he has been exclusively focusing on the research and practice of European medieval martial arts. In 2008 Mishaël started his international HEMA career and he has taught at more then 20 international HEMA events. He currently teaches all over the world. More over is he is a tough tournament fighter and won several gold medals in international tournaments. The AMEK Fight team is one of the most successful HEMA Fight teams in the world.

Mishaël’s primary focus is 15th century German fighting tradition, and secondary is Italian dagger and wrestling tradition. His other specialism is the designing and execution of ‘flow drills’ with one weapon and two weapons. One of his latest research projects involved the find, transcription and interpretation of a Dutch dagger fighting manual PBL 3281.

On July 12th 2008 Mishaël was officially knighted in Holland for his contribution to the reconstruction of the historical European martial heritage. In 2010 Mishaël’s initiated and co-founded the HEFFAC ‘Historical European Fighting and Fencing Arts Coalition’, a lowlands martial arts alliance, consisting out of the leading historical martial arts schools located in the Netherlands en Belgium. He organised the first three HEFFAC events 2010/2011/2012.

Besides teaching Mishaël is in demand for film and TV as an actor and fight choreographer and he does Motion Capture for computer games. His two latest project the motion picture ‘Richard the Lionheart Rebellion’, where he is plays the role of William Marshall and the mega series Game of Thrones where he will appear in season V episode III.

Mishaël resides in Haarlem Netherlands.

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