Loft expansion, Day 1

  The loft expansion started, not with a bang, but with a massive thud as the tilt-bed lumber truck deposited its load in a vacant parking space in front of the building’s roll-up door. With the assistance of the truck … Continued

Loft fundraiser completed: resounding success!

Thanks to everyone who helped us accomplish our goal of raising $3,500 to help fund the expansion of our workout space at SANCA. We raised a total of $4,540! With these funds, we will be able to purchase the materials … Continued

Nails and other fasteners

Here is a compelling document for you all to read: it explains how to nail a joist hanger onto a beam. We will be installing a total of 36 joists, type LP1 36 in the 11 7/8″ size. This means … Continued

Lonin’s Lofty Ambitions 2014

$4540 $3500 Dear Gentlemen and Ladies: Lonin League, the Historical European Martial Arts Club, is excited to announce that we’re expanding—or we hope to be expanding—our space, and so we’re announcing a small but vital capital campaign. After three years … Continued

Loft muster 2013

Can you spare some cash to help fund the Lonin loft improvements and a sword purchase? Lonin has remained true to its core identity as a largely self-coached, self-regulated band while growing steadily into an organization that now runs practices … Continued

Lonin shirt selection

Hello all, Neal’s brother-in-law, Roger, has graciously supplied us with six sample athletic shirts to review as possible Lonin-logo’ed workout shirts. The six shirts are available in the armory for your examination and review, but we thought that we would … Continued

Arsenal finished, now called Armoury

As of about 6:30 p.m. there is no more carpentry remaining to be done on this project. It needs to be painted, and it would probably make sense to cover its open top with expanded steel mesh to keep circus … Continued

Arsenal progress

Considerable progress (though not as much as hoped) made in a Saturday morning work binge. The Arsenal has all of its cubbies and its pegboard, creating an opportunity for non-monetary contributions in the form of painting it.