Mishaël Abia Lopes Cardozo – June 20-21

June 20 – 2-5pm at Lonin June 21 – 9-11am at Lonin $50 – pay by clicking the button Mishaël Lopes Cardozo is founder and president of the AMEK (Academie voor Middeleeuwse Europese Krijgskunsten). The academy was officially founded in … Continued

Spring 2015 T-Shirt and Patch Sales

We’re getting t-shirts and patches made with the new elephant logo. Order below so we know what sizes and counts you want. T-Shirts Shirts are $15. Patches Patches are $4.

Loft Expansion Day 3

In a long, exhausting, but productive day of hard work, we put in place the massive structural elements that will support the loft expansion.

Loft Expansion, Day 2

The exciting Day 1 feeling of owning a large pile of lumber gave way to grinding tedium on Day 2 as a solitary man drilled three holes in four hours. But they are very important holes in a very hard … Continued

Fiore practice – Jan 17

We’re continuing to extract pieces of the cutting drill form, and drills from the curriculum, and expanding them by adding flow (guard transitions), choices (degrees of freedom), and varying or eliminating the assignment of impetus to feeder or worker. Tonight … Continued

Fiore practice – Jan 7

Four present. We’re still working on the themes of flow and adaptation, using drill 1 as a starting framework. Yours truly is still recovering from the shoulder dislocation so no wrestling or dagger plays for me. Also working on combo … Continued

Pugilism at BWAHAHAHA, March-May 2012

During March and April we were the grateful beneficiaries of several weeks’ pugilism instruction from Mr. R. He is now taking an extended leave from the group so that he can tend to other responsibilities. In his absence we are … Continued

Fiore, 11 April 2012

Great workout – six total in attendance, including the return of lost brother William. We worked on some footwork tweaks, on the four crossings drill, and some basics involving two guys, each with daggers, trying to murder each other. Footwork … Continued

Fiore, 9 April 2012

Eric was absent and so Neal and Kip did a cursory run-through of German Longsword 101, culminating in the “defending the wall” drill, which we did considerably less effectively than these people, who gave us the idea.