What do I
need to get

There is no class sign up, just show up to any open practice, you can try out your first class for free!

Check the schedule to see which classes are open to new members and read our Code of Conduct

If you have any questions regarding open classes you can contact info@lonin.org

should I

For your first practice just bring yourself, some athletic clothes and a waterbottle. Lonin has loaner gear available for new members.

If you already have gear, check out the class page to see what you should bring.

As you continue attending practice there will be opportunities to discuss the best order for you get new gear. Check out the gear page to see what you will eventually want to pick up.


I love it,
now what?


When you’ve decided to stay the next step is to start paying dues.

Once you’re paying dues talk to your coach and they will get you added to our SLACK channel where all the internal communication for the club happens.

Then just keep going to practice, check out other classes and keep an eye out for the next seminar weekend. Your monthly dues gives you access to all of Lonin’s 18 weekly classes.

And Welcome to Lonin we’re always excited to welcome new members into our community.

How do I
join the
Youth classes?

Our youth class meets Friday 6:30-7:30 and is separate from the standard Lonin dues. For more information click here.

Still have

Check out our FAQ page

Email us at info@lonin.org

Check out our facebook page.